Project Portfolio

Garden Grove Elementary School Multi-Purpose Building

Simi Valley, CA
Square Footage: 8,627 sq ft.
Started: June 2019
Ended: December 2020
Contract Value: $5,277,000

New construction of multi-purpose building with fire sprinkler system and new construction of lunch shelter. Related path of travel and site improvements including landscape, fencing, gates, and concrete improvements. Renovation of existing boys, girls, and unisex toilets.

Santa Barbara Housing Authority

Soledad Building Rehab & Site Work – Multiple BuildingsSanta Barbara, CA
Square Footage: 28,900 sq ft.
Started: April 2015
Ended: December 2016
Contract Value: $4,782,088

Project done on buildings 13, 15, 17, 19, and 21.
Demolish select walls to reconfigure rooms as required by remodel. Demolish and install new ceilings, windows, exterior doors, flooring, plumbing, plumbing fixtures, ducts, vents, FAU, electrical wiring and lighting fixtures. Site work to include new walkways, landscape, and site walls.

Maintenance & Operations Warehouse/Printing Services Tenant Improvements

Conejo Valley Unified School District
Square Footage: 51,109 sq ft.
Started: February 2016
Ended: March 2017
Contract Value: $4,203,984

Two (2) building and site modifications including added storage mezzanines, new trash enclosure, ramp up to adjacent site, re-paving & striping, new roll-up truck doors, new shops & offices, and security fence & gates.

Harrington Early Child Development Center

Oxnard Elementary School, Oxnard, CA
Square Footage: 8,492 sq ft.
Started: September 2017
Ended: October 2018
Contract Value: $2,505,559

Renovation of the existing elementary school campus to preschool which included demolition and addition to one classroom building, finishes, casework, and mechanical and fire alarm upgrades.

Newbury Park High School Pool Renovation

Newbury Park, CA
Square Footage: 9,500 sq ft.
Started: February 2018
Ended: July 2018
Contract Value: $1,951, 081

Removal and replacement of pool desk. New pool replastering, new path of travel from parking lot to pool area, new ADA accessible lockers and benches in boy’s and girl’s locker rooms. As well as upgrades of pool accessory spaces.

Rio Mesa High School Stadium Bleachers

Oxnard, CA
Started: February 2021
Ended: September 2021
Contract Value: $1,948,000

New construction of home stadium bleachers and press box, including major electrical, low voltage, fire alarm, and site improvements.

Fillmore Baseball Field Upgrade

Square Footage: 5.5 Acres
Started: March 2020
Ended: August 2020
Contract Value: $1,598,000

New construction of a baseball backstop, concrete dugouts, batting cages, concrete sidewalks and slabs, drinking fountains, domestic water, electrical, irrigation system, and landscaping.

Royal High School Shades

Simi Valley, CA
Square Footage: 5,452 sq ft.
Started: March 2018
Ended: September 2018
Contract Value: $1,451,750

Ardalan provided six (6) new lunch shade structures, landscaping, irrigation, hardscaping, site furnishings, and accessibility upgrades where required in path of travel.

Thousand Oaks Library Modernization

Thousand Oaks, CA
Square Footage: 11,532 sq ft.
Started: February 2019
Ended: July 2019
Contract Value: $1,248,000

Modernization of the existing library which includes upgrading finishes, caseworks, lighting, mechanical and fire alarm. Site improvements consisting of new landscaping, hardscaping, outdoor lighting and site furniture.

Ojai Fire Station

Thousand Oaks High School Corridor Renovation

Conejo Valley Unified School District
Thousand Oaks, CA
Contract Value:  $613,000

Township Elementary School Courtyard

Simi Valley, CA
Ended: October 2017